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  • Olympique Marsel vs Monaco

    The French League 1 is expecting to have its great match. Both teams have already met this year, during the League Cup, but it was like a drill for them. And Rudi Garcia is really quite passionate about his team, Marsel has already had four wins in a row. And one of the most attaching tams this season is Monaco. So this is expected to be a great game, although both teams need to trim the sails of their conscience. Our prognosis is Total Under for 2.18.

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  • Fiorentina vs Juventus

    This will be perhaps one of the most interesting and intense matches. All the rest of the Italian battles are overshadowed by this game. „Violets“ really need to win this time and they will be forgiven for all their past sins. But Juventus is one really tough team to be beaten. And now Bianconeri are in a good shape and the prognosis is that they will give a hard time to their competitor in this round. So the leading here is Handicap (+1) for 1,57.

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  • Lazio vs Atalanta

    Both of the clubs have shown such a hardworking behavior which led to everybody talking about them and not only that, the forth and the sixth places also speak in a good way about them. Biancocelesti really knows how to learn to play fast, to make good attacks. Players know how to find a reliable player on the filed to play the ball with. Bergamasco`s team seems to climb all the way to the top not just in vain. All the fans are aware of the fact that this team is worth. Total Over for 1.92 will be appropriate here.

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  • Sevilla vs Real Madrid

    If you are a fan of the Cup match, then you will have the chance to see the confrontation of Real Madrid and Sevilla once again. It is almost sure that the Argentinian will use another tactics this time, because he is a person that can learn from the mistakes he makes. He will just need to put much more efforts in taking the ball from the „Blancos“, which is not such an impossible task. The problem here is that most of the area of Navas will be covered. Real Madrid has the good opportunity to convert goal chances. Here a rational bet is W2 for 2.01

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  • Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Those teams rise against each other again. May be a bit tired of the many confrontations they had, but we can not tell the same thing about the fans, waiting impatiently for the game. Both of the coaches tried to avoid any mistakes and the result was exactly this – 0:0. The German preferred using dashing attacks, but we hope that this game will not leave us without any goals. And the expectations are about Total Over (1.95)

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