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How to Download the Efbet Mobile Application

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Efbet Mobile Betting

One of the most popular online bookmaker from Bulgaria Efbet work on developing the site incredibly much over the last years, and together also, the development of mobile phone version, which is especially important in the daylight.It is very important when people spend a lot of time with a smartphone and tablets.

Anyone who has a hand mobile device build on an Android or iOS operating system can download the application completely free and can set up bets and play casino games from the search, if has a connection to the internet.

And before the mobile application was built, Efbet ran a mobile browser version of the site, which is all the more active and can be used by an absolutely every single smartphone. From the Mobile Browser version you will be able to enjoy the fun with your favorite casino games and sports bets in the largest Bulgarian bookmaker!

Mobile version

You can open the mobile version of Efbet, when type address on your browser, which will automatically redirect you to another mobile.efbet.com address. The mobile version naturally has quite a lot of differences between the computer version. This is a big plus for mobile version, when comes to use on mobile. The desktop does not have compare to use optimally from the small screens of smartphones. Now, when you pick a bookmaker, check if there is a mobile version or application.


In the home page, the mobile version is sorted by the following way, in line up and down:


The company logo and the icon, from which you can change settings on the site and your profiles.


The main menu, includes links of „All Sports“, „On Live“, Casino „,“ Casino Live „,“ Lucky 6 „and your profile are placed.


The basic sports menu in the bookmaker program (if you look into the section „Casino“, for example, you will see a list of casino games categories)


Rotating banners showing your best promotions and offers in Efbet bookmaker.


The list includes the sports betting items that appear in the next row – Top Event, Top Mats of the Day, Live, Top Bets.


Although the appearance of the PC version of the site has been changed, the functions have been thrown away, so all actions are fully available for execution from a phone or tablet. So, you do not have any problem making changes to your account, doing transactions (deposits and withdraws) from and to the site, discovering an account options, and every other option.

Mobile applications

In 2017, about two years ago, the launch of the mobile version starts, and Efbet created and Android / iOS applications, recieved more and more players. The applications do not brake in any way your devices – with a size of about 2 MB – so you do not have to worry about installing them on older devices.


Download and installation of apps are put in the following way:


Android – One of the theses rotating banners, which we mentioned before is a banner for mobile applications. Click on it and follow the instructions.


IOS – Apple’s devices can set the app in a way that’s like Android consumers, but besides that, it has the convenience to discover directly in the App Store.


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