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Betfair is one of the biggest and most popular online bookmakers, so it’s no surprise that their mobile app is one of the best. In fact, it is better to say their mobile applications. because it is not the only one – the world gambling company maintains two applications – one sports betting application and one sports market exhange application. There are even other applications, but they are for services that are not available on the Bulgarian market, so they can not use them – it’s casino, poker, and other services for which Betfair does not have a license from Bulgaria.

If you are wondering why Betfair has chosen to offer two sports betting applications, the explanation should begin with the fact that the bookmaker offers two radically different sports betting services .

They are completely independent of each other. And while the two versions of the two services are on the same site, the company chose to split them into the mobile version so as not to confuse customers. In one service, the British gambling operator offers traditional bets with fixed odds, while on other service the site offers what is best known – its betting exchange where the odds are determined by the customers themselves and they bet on each other.

Both apps are highly rated by users, as evidenced by their App Store rating of 4.6. The high score is due to the quick load and the abundance of features that make you lose nothing compared to the time you spend at Betfair on your PC or laptop.

How do I install the apps?

Apps can be installed on both Android smartphones as long as they are 4.0.3 or higher version of software and iOS smartphones as long as they are up to 8.0 or higher software level.


It is easy to download the application for iOS devices as they can be found in the official Apple Store and downloaded following the well-known procedure you followed when installing any other application from the App Store.

Idea is a more complex procedure for Android, because Google’s policy can not be found on Google Play and should therefore be installed from the browser on your device where you need to open the bookmaker’s site. At the top of your site you will see a „Download“ button, which is for downloading applications. When you click on the button, a new page will be loaded into your browser where you will see green download links. Then, just confirm that you allow to install an application from an unknown source, and it will be added to your phone’s menu.

Can we play without downloading apps?

Yes, if you have a device that is not running an IOS or Android operating system or just do not want to fill your phone with applications, you can continue to use the mobile site from your browser. By choosing this option, you will not lose anything other than just not having an apps, but can bet in Betfair site.

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